Autism Volunteering

In the coming weeks, we will be heading to Ethiopia and subsequently Nigeria, to meet the brave souls who take the best care of children with autism in the autism centers.  We are very blessed to have been given this opportunity to travel abroad and expand our horizons beyond the online platform. In this post, I will be talking more about our volunteering plans through out our trip.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder 

This week in class, I read something I had never heard before; that Autism is a consciousness disorder. I know a nine-year-old with Autism, and had never heard or read that before; strange huh? I’ve heard autism be called a spectrum disorder, a neurophysiological disorder, and a sensory disorder. I’ve always explained it as, “his senses do not work the same way ours do.” That description is right, and wrong. Let’s take a closer look at autism.

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Autism Spectrum 

I like the phrase “autism spectrum.” I use it in the tagline of this blog (“Days in the life of an adult on the spectrum”), and “on the autism spectrum” (or just “on the spectrum”) is my go-to substitute for “autistic” when I want to switch things up a bit. But I have to admit that the spectrum metaphor has some major problems.

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Fake Autism?

I saw an advertisement today that was promoting a talk by an autism expert, a man who has an autistic son. A few days ago I saw a link to the website of an autism expert who is a psychologist and researcher. Last week I saw a short video explaining autism made by an autism expert who teaches about autism at a University. The week before I saw series of infographics made by an autism expert who is an author and counsellor to autistic people.Each time I saw these things, I wondered what it was about the people who are such experts on autism that actually made them experts. So today I’d like to discuss: who is an autism expert and why are they experts?

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